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When you think about the harmonious appearance of someone's face you realize that the face is not a one dimensional structure. When you think about lifting the face, it involves moving it in one direction. Then we talk about adding volume too which is another dimension and often times we use this with cheek implants or chin implants. Implantation to the skeletal frame of the face. This gives the second dimension to the face meaning the rounding of the cheeks or the rounding of the face adding structure to the lower area of the face.

Dr DeJoseph - Chin & Cheek Enhancement
Dr Silver - Chin & Cheek Enhancement

What type of implants do we use here at Premier Image? They are made out of a soft, rubber like silastic material which truly conforms to the underlying bony structures in the face. This implant surgery is often performed under a local anesthetic with a little oral sedation. On average, the surgery only takes about thirty minutes to an hour to complete.

How do we get to these areas? How do you put cheek implants in without seeing them? They a placed with tiny, small incisions underneath the upper lip inside the mouth. That gives us access to the cheekbone area.  Same thing with the chin augmentation. We make a small incision underneath the chin and then we can slip the implant in, giving a beautiful structure to this area. Often times we use chin augmentation with rhinoplasty because the chin and the nose are like first cousins, one affects the other. If someone has a large nose, we have to make sure the chin is in the right proportion so that it looks correct from the profile view. 

Same thing with the cheeks, if someone has sallow cheeks or very low cheekbones in this area, these areas act as the hangers for the face. We like to have nice prominence of the cheek area when thinking about rejuvenating the lower part of the face because this is where the rest of the face hangs off of. We always take this into account when we're looking at the two dimensional structures of the face and how we can build the aesthetic appearance that you are looking for.

The implants may be inserted in conjunction with other procedures, such as a facelift, or they may be inserted as a separate procedure. Some bruising and swelling may occur after chin and cheek enhancement, and patients may experience some difficulty with facial movements like talking and smiling. Restrictions may need to be placed on your diet. Discomfort can occur during the first few days, but you will be prescribed medication that can help to control this. Most patients find that they are well enough to return to work about one week after their chin and/or cheek enhancement procedure.

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Your neck can be one of the first places to show aging. The pull of gravity can cause the skin to sag and fall. Sometimes fat deposits form along with the hanging skin creating a double or even triple chin. Often this is referred to as the turkey gobbler or turkey neck. The board certified facial plastic surgeons, Dr. William E. Silver and Dr. Louis M. DeJoseph can determine if neck lift surgery is right for you during the consultation.

What is involved in neck lift surgery? Small incisions are made around the earlobes and behind the ears where they gain access to the tissues of the neck. Then they tighten the muscles of the neck and re-drape the skin of the neck. This creates that smooth flowing jaw line and neck line that everyone wants.

Neck Lift surgery is a popular choice for both men and women. In fact, Premier Image probably performs as many liposuction surgeries on women as they do men. Results can be life changing.

Often facial liposuction is combined with a neck lift if there is excess fatty tissue along with excess skin. A small incision is made under the chin to allow the lipo-sculpting. If the patient is young enough and has adequate elasticity in their skin, facial liposuction and sculpting is all that is needed. Your doctor will be able to tell if your skin will adjust adequately giving you the results you desire.

Recovery times for neck lifts are fairly quick, 5 to 7 days. In some instances there will be a little bruising in the area. Neck lift surgery can also be performed in conjunction with other surgeries such as a QT Mini Face Lift or Rhinoplasty.

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Liposuction is most often thought of as being a procedure that is performed all over the body. It's not often looked upon as being performed on the facial area. Facial Liposuction can be a very important part of the facial surgery when performing a facelift or a QT Mini Facelift. Facial liposuction can also be performed as an isolated procedure.

Very often we'll see a younger patient, usually 45 years or younger, with a full neck or one who has developed jowls and desires to have a more youthful thinner neckline. Because their skin is so elastic, those younger patients can benefit dramatically with just performing facial liposuction in those areas only. This is generally a very short procedure with short recovery even as compared to a QT Mini Face Lift.

Many times the only area that shows the aging process is the neck area. Or some may have a very full neck with a very loose waddle and often that area is filled with fat. Sometimes we cannot do just liposuction, especially if the patient is older and has lost elasticity. It is then necessary to go ahead and tighten up the neck. In essence one could perform a QT Neck Lift. By performing this procedure one takes the muscle covering in the neck and pulls it back, tightens and holds in place. This can be done as an isolated procedure or it's done in combination with the facial liposuction. A neck lift is a quick procedure with a very short recovery period. This is a procedure that is very often done in the office under local anesthesia or even with some mild sedation.

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atlanta lip augmentation

The lips are one of the most beautiful features of the human face. They provide expression to the face, they are an essential portion of the face and augmenting them or changing the appearance of them can have an incredible effect on the face.

Lip augmentation sometimes gets a bad rap. We've all been to the supermarket or the mall and see people walking around who obviously had their lips overfilled. This tends to scare a lot of people. The reality of it is this does not have to be the case. The lips can be injected in many different ways.

Let's break it down to a couple of different things. One is that people need a structure injection, where they need a little shape along the edges of the lip. Then there's the second portion, a volume injection where someone needs more size to the lip. Then there's the combination of both, where we need more structure to the lip and more size to the lip.

Dr DeJoseph - Lip Augmentation, Atlanta GA

Restylane is the dermal filler that we most often use for the lips. Restylane is a non-animal, clear gel that is reported to be very close to the hyaluronic acid found naturally in the body. Injections usually last up to a year or longer. Some swelling, redness, and tenderness may occur immediately after treatment but normally only lasts a few days.

When one thinks about a beautiful lip on a face it should not be the first thing that you see when a person is walking toward you. The lips should be subtle to fit your face. So, not everyone needs to have those huge "duck lips". At Premier Image we take lip augmentation on a patient by patient basis and analyze what is right for the individual along with listening and understanding what each one would like their lips to look like. We also want to make sure it is going to fit your face. We build a plan that is customized for you so that the end results are having the lips you always wanted.

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Otoplasty, commonly referred to as ear pinning, corrects the size or placement of an individual's ears. Otoplasty is generally performed on children ages of 4-14, as the ears finish growing by 4, and otoplasty can prevent adolescent ridicule, but the procedure is also performed on adults. Good otoplasty makes the ears more proportional to the size and shape of the head and face.

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