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Stretch Marks

Dr DeJoseph - Stretch Mark Removal, Atlanta GA

One of the toughest problems that plastic surgeons deal with is stretch marks. Everyone has them, even men. Nothing to date has been developed that can truly take them away entirely but we have developed some systems that can make them less noticeable. 

The new Fractional CO2 laser technology can help to rebuild some of the lost collagen back into the stretch marks and then by combining with certain skin care products, the appearance can be minimized.

When one first gets stretch marks they will appear red. This is the best time to treat for maximum results.  After a while they generally fade and appear white. If the stretch marks have been there for a long time they are more difficult but the appearance can definitely be reduced.

A huge percentage of women develop stretch marks during pregnancy. Another option to treating those stretch marks is through a surgical procedure commonly referred to as a tummy tuck. In this procedure the skin is removed below the naval where stretch marks most commonly occur.


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