» Lust (Lipolysis UltraSonic Thermal)

Lust (Lipolysis UltraSonic Thermal)

Lipolysis Ultra-Sonic Thermal"LUST" Lipolysis Ultra-Sonic Thermal

"LUST" is a non-surgical lipolysis (breaking down of the fat) treatment that utilizes high-frequency thermal energy. Unlike invasive liposuction, the treatments utilize high-frequency thermal energy to break down the fat causing the fat cell to shrink down in size.

"LUST" treatments help to reduce or eliminate cellulite dimples by reducing their 3 main causes: fat, poor circulation, and collagen deterioration. The LUST treatment program targets all 3 factors by boosting collagen, reducing fat and improving circulation.

atlanta cellulite reduction"LUST " treatments utilize energy from high-frequency thermal waves to penetrate the dermal and sub-dermal tissues to break down fat resistant to weight loss and exercise. The ultrasonic thermal energy tightens and improves skin elasticity while smoothing the appearance of cellulite and improving skin texture and scar damaged areas. Treatments melt away inches by breaking down fat cells with its lipolysis (fat dissolving) facilitation to help enhance body shape while, tightening and smoothing your skin.

Down-Time: No down-time following procedure is experienced other than a little redness and swelling.

Is it Permanent? The total number of fat cells in the human body does not increase when a person gains a large amount of weight. The fat cells simply become larger with weight gain. With the "LUST" treatment, the fat within the cell is broken down and the cell shrinks back down in size. Therefore, with weight gain your fat cells will again increase in size. You will retain the benefits of skin tightening, skin texture and scar diminishing improvements.

atlanta cellulite reductionWith Liposuction the fat cell is actually removed and is for the most part a permanent reduction. Naturally weight gain can occur, but the fat would accumulate where removal of fat cells through liposuction has not been done. For more information on Liposuction, click here.

"LUST" treatments are administered by licensed medical aestheticians under direct supervision of board certified plastic surgeons. One to two treatments per week for a series of 6 to 8 treatments is recommended for optimal results. A reduction in caloric intake (diet) and an increase in caloric expenditure (exercise) are insurance for your great results.

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