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Mid-Facelift/Cheek Lift

Mid-Facelift/Cheek Lift

atlanta cheek liftThe Endoscopic Mid-Facelift, or Cheek Lift, procedure is an ideal option for those needing more fullness in the cheek as it lifts sagging cheeks, smooth out nasal furrows, lifts the mid-face area, and pulls up the corners of your lips. A Mid-Facelift creates more fullness in the cheek providing a more youthful appearance.

Endoscopic procedures are also referred to as Minimal-Incision surgery as it is performed using a tiny fiberoptic lens inserted through half-inch incisions hidden in the hairline. The lens is attached to a camera connected to a television, which allows Doctors DeJoseph and Silver to have complete visibility throughout the procedure. Dr. Louis DeJoseph and Dr. William E. Silver are both Double Board Certified Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeons who specialize in minimal incision, low-downtime procedures like the "QT" Mini Facelift, the Endoscopic Brow/Forehead Lift, the "VUE" Volumizing Undereye Enhancement and the "NSFL" NonSurgical Facelift all performed at Premier Image Cosmetic & Laser Surgery.

cheek lift atlanta mid faceliftThe Mid-Face Lift or Cheek Lift procedure is particularly advantageous for those patients with early signs of aging and those who have sagging cheeks, deeper nasal labial lines, thinner lips and down-turned corners of the lips. The Mid-Face Lift does not correct the neck or brow areas. You can simulate the results of a Mid-Facelift by placing a finger next to the corner of your mouth and gently lift the skin up and out or by taking your thumbs and lifting the cheek area up and out.

Consultation is paramount is deciding if the Mid-Facelift is right for you. Doctors DeJoseph and Silver will discuss your goals and assess your particular needs. With the help of Video Imaging, doctors DeJoseph and Silver will explain the dynamics of facial rejuvenation and your specific facial features and characteristics. Your consultation will help you better communicate your concerns and understand which surgical approach will best meet your goals and expectations.

An Endoscopic Mid-Facelift can be done under local anesthesia and is an outpatient procedure. Little down time is required as little bruising and swelling occurs and there are no visible incision lines. Tiny incisions hidden in the hairline above the ears are made and the tissues and skin are lifted and repositioned over the cheekbone area. This smooth out the deep lines around the mouth, resulting in a more balanced and youthful appearance. The main benefits of most all endoscopic procedures include:

  • No visible incisions or scarring
  • Little bruising, swelling or bleeding
  • No hair loss
  • Quick recovery of 2 or 3 days.

Makeup can be worn immediately allowing you to return to work within a couple of days. As with any surgical procedure, restriction from strenuous activity is necessary for the first few weeks following your procedure.

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