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Consultation and Computer Imaging

The Consultation and Computer Imaging at Premier Image

One of the most important points on a patient's journey to plastic surgery is the consultation. This is where it all comes together and where decisions are made as far as what's going to be right for you procedure wise. So the consultation is taken very seriously at Premier Image and is always done with one of the surgeons.

What is done at the consultation? First and foremost you have the opportunity to meet with one of the doctors, either Dr. DeJoseph, Dr. Silver of Dr. Klein and we discuss many different things with you. We'll ask you, what are your thoughts, what are your likes, what are your dislikes about your face or particular part of your body that you would like to have changed. We go through a full history and physical. We discuss if you are healthy enough to have a procedure. Then we give you the magic wand, we put you in front of the mirror and ask you to tell us your thoughts. What would you change about things, what are your trouble spots? Then we do an exam on the areas as far as the tissues in the area, how healthy the tissues are, how your face moves, the health of your skin. If your ideas are reasonable ones as far as we can achieve them surgically, then we both put our thoughts together on the computer using our computer imaging.

Photographs are usually taken in our practice and used for computer imaging. This is a tool that allows the patient to try-on the procedure. The skilled surgeons at Premier Image can accurately show a patient what their end results will look like. It's great communication tool because the patient can have his or her input with the surgeon by sharing their feelings with the surgeon as they go through the imaging process. As a rule the surgeons take a conservative approach when using computer imaging and while they cannot guarantee that a certain result, in most cases the end results very closely mirror and often exceed the patient's expectations.

Because this step is so important, it is done on every patient prior to doing any cosmetic surgical procedure.

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