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Tumescent Liposuction

Tumescent Liposuction

atlanta tumescent liposuctionThe tumescent technique is a relatively new liposuction method that can reduce post operative bruising, swelling and pain. The word tumescent means swollen and firm. The tumescent fluid is a precise mixture of intravenous fluid containing lidocaine (for numbing), epinephrine (for less blood loss). The warmed tumescent liquid is injected into the treatment area using a small instrument with tiny holes to allow the tumescent fluid to slowly infiltrate the area. Liposuction is then performed on the tumesced areas.

In the tumescent technique, once the areas of excess fat are injected with a large amount of the tumescent fluid before liposuction can then be performed. The liquid causes the areas of fat to become swollen and firm or "tumesced." The expanded fat areas allow the small cannula to travel smoothly beneath the skin as the fat is suctioned out.

The tumescent technique for liposuction 1) provides local anesthesia, 2) constricts blood vessels 3) provides replacement fluid to the body.


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