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Radiesse Injection and  Hand Rejuvenation

The aging process affects the whole body, not just the face. Although we often invest the most in our face, the rest of the body also needs attention.

The first area that shows signs of aging is the face for two reasons. One, we cannot hide our faces and two, volume loss is mostly manifested on the face.

The second area that shows signs of aging or volume loss is the hands. After we meet someone and make eye contact, we often shake their hand, so this is the next part of the person we see.

Two main aspects of how the aging process affects the hands are similar to those of the face. The first aspect is skin texture: pigmentation changes, skin thickness, and surface appearance. The second aspect is generalized volume loss, which results in more visible and prominent veins and tendons and a more frail appearance.

Patients who belong to Fitzpatrick skin type I or II (fair, freckly type) are more likely to develop dark, patchy pigmentation on the back of their hands, often known as sun spots, age spots, or liver spots.

These spots are the result of damage to the melanocytes-the cells that produce dark pigment and are responsible for the color of our skin and hair (melanin) due mainly to unprotected sun exposure. After sun damage, the melanocytes begin to produce pigment in less even patterns resulting in brown/age spots.
There are several ways to treat these areas, the first being sunblock. The second treatment would be a laser treatment or chemical peel.
Most commonly used peels for this purpose are TCA, trichloroacetic acid peels which can be used in different concentrations depending on the skin type and problem.

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Laser treatments are a preferred choice. Depending on skin type and damage, IPL or Artic Peel laser treatments are extremely successful in not only dark spots, but for improvement in skin texture too.

Once the pigmentation and texture have been addressed, volume replacement procedures should be performed. the most successful in restoring volume is using Radiesse injection. Yes this is the same long lasting and safe filler we use to fill lines on the face! Radiesse instantly fills and plumps the hands. The results are IMMEDIATE! The injected area will look mildly swollen, but will subside over the next couple of days. The results last about 9 months. Not bad for a twenty minute visit! Call today for a complimentary consultation with one of our Physicians to discuss rejuvenating aging hands. (770) 457-6303.

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