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Thinning hair, bald spots, receding hair line?  Stop struggling with the insecurities of hair loss, and regain the full head of hair you desire. With our proven hair restoration technique, Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation, you can achieve realistic results and enjoy the confidence a full head of hair can bring.

The purpose of hair transplant is most often thought to utilize very small graphs primarily on the male patient but it is also used for female patients as well. The process consists of scalp preparations to allow you to choose the way your hair sways as well as the pattern it falls into.

In order to achieve the most natural results for your individual goals, we begin with a consultation and evaluate many factors such as age, amount of hair loss, facial structure, and your long term goals.  We then design a specific hair restoration plan for you.

The Follicular Unit Hair Transplant procedure is done at our office and the patient is under very mild sedation.  The procedure begins by taking a small strip of hair from the back of the head and then through special technical support we can actually break up the little strip into individual hair units, consisting of one to three units. Next we make the little tiny areas where we want to place these follicles and they literally become the transplants.

At Premier Image we try to make this procedure as comfortable and relaxing as possible. During the procedure the patient may watch television as the little follicles are put in. As you can imagine, if we cover a large area, hundreds of follicles are put in, this not only takes a delicate hand but a certain amount of time as well.   

Dr DeJoseph - Hair Transplant, Atlanta GA

We take pride in the success of our surgeries and believe that the benefits of our Follicular Unit Hair Transplant are endless. Positives of this surgery include no downtime and rapid healing, excellent hair density, more natural direction and angulations of the transplanted and also, little or no visible pitting or distortions in the transplanted areas.

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