» Sculptra Treatment for Facial Fat Loss

Sculptra Treatment for Facial Fat Loss


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Sculptra™ is an injectable product used to fill in sunken areas of the face in patients who suffer from lipoatrophy or the loss of fat beneath the skin known as “facial wasting.” Injected into the deep dermis layer of the skin, Sculptra increases skin thickness over time to improve the appearance of sunken cheeks, hollow eyes, indentations, and wrinkles. BecauseSculptra's main component is poly-L-lactic acid, a synthetic polymer that has been used for twenty years in surgical products such as dissolvable sutures and bone screws, there is no need for allergy testing.

Sculptra treatment results can last up to two years. Possible side effects include those normally associated with injections such as bleeding, tenderness, redness, bruising, or swelling as well as the appearance of small bumps beneath the skin.

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