» Liquid Facelift with Dr. Silver and Dr. Dejoseph

Liquid Facelift with Dr. Silver and Dr. Dejoseph

Liquid Lift

In the past, only a traditional facelift could restore the balance of a youthful face, but Premier Image facial plastic surgeons, Dr. William E. Silver and Dr. Louis DeJoseph have mastered a liquid alternative.

Deep wrinkles, smile lines, hollowed out eyes and loss of fat in the cheeks can all be corrected with the right filler, or combination of fillers and Botox. By using a combination of injectables to plump, fill, and smooth deep lines and wrinkles, you will gaina more youthful appearance with immediate results and no downtime.

A liquid lift will target the following areas of your face:

Frown lines and brow:

Botox will be injected between your brows to reduce muscle contractions that lead to vertical lines. Additionally, this injection can lend a subtle lifting effect by reducing the downward pull of your depressor muscles. 

Crow's Feet:

Botox will be injected around your eyes to prevent the muscle contractions that cause crow's feet. 

Under eye Area:

Volume Undereye Enhancement (VUE) fills the lines around your eyes that remain after a Botox treatment. Creating a smooth contour down to the cheeks, VUE fills the hollow "tear trough" area to correct volume loss and eliminate the dark circles and tired look. 

Cheek Area:

Perlane and Sculptra will be injected to provide cheek enhancement by restoring volume and creating lift. 

Smile Lines:

Injections of Radiesse or Artefill are used to fill and to plump yournasolabial folds around the nose and mouth restoring youthful volume.


Perlane or Radiesse are injected to add definition to the jawline and address mildly sagging skin by restoring volume.

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