» Plump Facial Features and Treat Wrinkles with Fat Transfer

Plump Facial Features and Treat Wrinkles with Fat Transfer

Fat Transfer

Fat grafting is the process of removing small amounts of fat from another area of the body such as the abdomen or thighs and transferring it to the face. The fat can be implanted to plump facial features, to lessen lines and wrinkles from aging, or to fill in depressed scars. Because the fat being transferred is from your own body, a significant portion of the fat may remain in the facial area, lessening the need for recurring injections as required with fillers.

To perform the procedure you will be given a sedative. Once removed from your body, the fat will be treated before being injected. The fat removed from the body will be spun in a centrifuge or treated to remove damaged fat cells, blood, and other fluid. The healthy, concentrated fat cells are then injected into the targeted areas of your face. You will experience some tightness in your face as well as soreness where the fat was injected and removed. Some swelling or bruising may occur, lasting up to 72 hours. Full recovery can take up to two weeks.

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