» Botox Anti-Aging & Wrinkle Treatment

Botox Anti-Aging & Wrinkle Treatment

Botox Cosmetic reduces facial wrinkles in your forehead, between your eyes, and in the delicate areas around your eyes. A protein that blocks nerve impulses when injected into the facial muscles under the skin, Botox can diminish the appearance of fine lines and crow's feet that occur with natural aging.

By blocking the nerve impulses used in making facial expressions, Botox Cosmetic weakens facial muscles in the treated area and makes them relax. Once relaxed, your skin will flatten, diminishing any wrinkle or fine line. In additionto lessening facial wrinkles, Botox, known as botulinum toxin type A, can be used to treat people who suffer from excessive underarm sweating (hyperhidrosis).

Whether your underarm sweating is interfering with daily activities or you want to look younger, all three of our board certified plastic surgeons (Dr. William Silver, Dr. Louis DeJoseph, and Dr. Marc Klein)perform both types of Botox procedures.

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