» Skin Hydration and Wrinkle Treatment with Belotero

Skin Hydration and Wrinkle Treatment with Belotero


Belotero is a specially designed hyaluronic acid dermal filler that rehydrates and volumizes skin, reducing unwanted lines and wrinkles. Because hyaluronic acid is naturally produced in your body, Belotero subtly integrates with your tissue to improve facial contours or to hydrate the dry skin on your hands or décolletage. In sharp contrast to other fillers, Boletero will mesh with your dermal tissue so well that you will unlikely be able to feel a difference in the affected area at all.

In a procedure that takes only twenty minutes, Boletero can be used to give you a radiant appearance. Boletero lasts approximately nine months with most patients scheduling follow up treatments after six to twelve months to maintain their fresh, natural appearance.

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